Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I rent a Safe Deposit Locker?
It is a convenient place to store important items that would be difficult or impossible to replace. The safe deposit locker also offers privacy and security. Although many people like to keep valuables close by in a closet at home or in a office, these places probably are not safe.

What items should go into a Safe Deposit locker?
Important papers such as; originals of your insurance policy, birth/marriage/death certificates, original deeds/mortgage contracts. Other valuables such as special jewels, medals and collectable items, irreplaceable photos, video or pictures of your home contents for insurance purposes.

Can I arrange for someone to access my Safe Deposit Loker in an emergency?
Yes. You can jointly rent your Locker with a spouse, child or another person who will have unrestricted access to the Locker. (Warning: merely giving someone else a key will not be enough to grant access. They must sign a rental contract as a joint – renter.)

Can law enforcement authorities access my Safe Deposit Locker without my knowledge or permission?
If the law enforcement authorities persuade the appropriate court that there is reasonable cause to suspect you are hiding something illegal (guns, drugs, explosives, stolen items or cash), they can obtain a court order, have right to open the loker and seize the contents.

What will happen if my key is lost?
In the case of any keys being lost or stolen please inform us immediately. Please note that you must pay the charges. An appointment is prebooked with Godrej and you will be informed of the date and time which usually takes 4-7 working days. A person from there will come and break open the locker in your presence on that given date and time. The whole process takes unto one hour and the locked will be changed and you will be provided with a new set of keys.

What happens in the case of death?
Contents of your locker will be frozen until proper authorization is provided by an authorized person [nominee/custodian] to obtain access to your locker with receipt of a death certificate and nominee/custodian must provide an ID proof along with a proof of address.

What if the locker is transferred through a will?
The beneficiary needs to get a certificate of succession from the court.

What happens if I default on my rent?
You would be charged interest and late payment charges along with other administrative charges. However, if a default is over three years the management has the right to break open your locker as per the RBI rules.

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